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Mr Chilli awards 1st place winner 2014SILVERS AWARD WINNING BEEF JERKY

1st PLACE WINNER. 2014 Mr Chilli Awards Category - Best of the Best

3rd PLACE WINNER. 2013 Mr Chilli Awards Category - Chilli Beef Jerky

2nd PLACE WINNER. 2013 Mr Chilli Awards Category - Chilli Salt

See the results here on the Mr Chilli Awards website

SALT AND PEPPER Beef Jerky is the most popular flavoured beef jerky amongst our range. This beef jerky has a full bodied beef flavour with freshly cracked black pepper.
CHILLI BEEF Beef Jerky is made with fresh organic red habanero chilli's. This Chilli Beef Jerky has full flavour and medium heat.
CHAR GRILL Beef Jerky is a double smoked beef jerky reminding you of an authentic barbecued steak.
TERIYAKI Beef Jerky is a traditional teriyaki flavour that everyone can enjoy especially kids.
BBQ Beef Jerky is a lunch box favourite, Kids love this beef jerky.
CHORIZO Beef Jerky has the authentic Spanish chorizo flavours. This beef jerky is thinner and has a chewier texture, full of flavour.
HERB AND GARLIC Beef Jerky has only the finest ingredients with fresh organic garlic, coriander and a selection of aromatic herbs.
SNAKE BITE CHILLI Beef Jerky is made with only fresh red habanero chilli's. VERY VERY VERY VERY.....HOT.
SNAKE BITE CHILLI WITH VENOM Beef Jerky only for the brave. Beef Jerky that is only for the full on 'Chilli Heads'. EXTREMELY HOT. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
CHILLI SALT marinated salt with chilli. Perfect for fish, fresh garden salads, steak and vegetables. HOT.
SMOKED SALT WITH ROSEMARY. A true authentic smoked salt. Exquisite on roast vegetables and lamb.
SMOKED SALT WITH HERB AND GARLIC. Great on all meats and vegetables. Everyone's favourite!
COMPLETE JERKY SEASONING. Is a professional jerky base for the home connoisseurs to create your own flavours. All instructions are clearly displayed on the packet. CLICK HERE TO ORDER
Check out our new range of SEASONED SALTS and our fabulous LIQUID SMOKE for homemade beef jerky delights!here!

New Products: Seasoned salts and liquid smoke.